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11 Website Design And Development Best Practices For 2019

11 Website Design And Development Best Practices For 2019

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Are you running your own business? Then you know very well that having an online presence is not enough to grow your brand. You need to make the most out of your digital marketing strategy by referencing to the practices of the Web Development Company.

One of the key components you must utilize well is your website. You need to implement an actionable plan regrading website design and maintenance. Below are non-negotiable tips and standards you should remember.

1. Conversion Optimized

Make landing pages, and incorporate them well in your website’s overall design. This approach will encourage your readers to stay longer in your webpages. Include appropriate CTAs, and convince them to schedule appointments, make purchases and request product demonstrations.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an effective method in generating sales and conversions. Your email capture forms must sync well with your clients’ email marketing systems to establish a seamless connection and access.

3. Social Media

Leveraging on the power of social media can open doors to promising opportunities. Integrate relevant social platforms in your web design. This would allow new users to access your social media pages, and in turn, enhance your brand’s traffic and visibility.

4. Strong Security

Every business website should be safe and secure. Make sure your design follows privacy protocols and fundamental security matters.

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5. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps is a hybrid of the best app and web features. This 2019, expect to see this trend in full force. If you want an innovative website design, including push notifications, splash screens and animated webpage transitions will surely improve your UX.

6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI is a big part of website design’s future. It is a high-tech, futuristic idea that has dominated our daily life and online experience. Year after year, several AI tools are being developed, and are being utilized on various websites.

7. Fast LoadingRemix of Loading Spinner handcoded by Manuela.

No user would wait for several minutes for a webpage to load. Design your website with fast loading times on all smartphones and other mobile devices. If you want, you can utilize Pagespeed or Pingdom to assess your website speed, and check how you can make adjustments.

8. Mobile Ready

We all use our mobile devices on an everyday basis. Build a mobile-friendly, engaging web design that users can access anytime, anywhere.

9. Tracking Enabled

Analytics matter a lot. It is the starting point of all your improvements and adjustments in your website. The final design of your website should include enough functionality to address important indicators like conversions, goals and traffic.

10. SEO Savvy

Never underestimate the power of website optimization. Website creation is more than just designing and content production. Don’t forget to optimize your website for both humans and browsers. One way of doing this? Produce readable, compelling content for all your followers.

11. Enabled CMS

Make sure to include an efficient, back-end content management system in your design. This would allow your clients to edit and post content, whenever needed.