How Exactly Do You Play 4-Card Poker?

Poker is one of the main games in a typical live casino in Malaysia. It is a mainstay because there are plenty of different variations that offer different perks and advantages, as well as giving a different feel for the game, in general.

That being said, you might have heard of the four-card poker, which is just another type of poker-based game that is developed by the company, Shuffle Master.

If you recall, this company was the first one to introduce card shuffling machines to the market. Such machines would deter card counters from winning a lot of games in Blackjack.

But, the machines that they’ve made are not only used for blackjack; it can also be used for other games as well, such as the one that is the scope of this article.

Four-card poker is actually quite similar to the three-card poker in the sense that it is actually two games in one go. However, even though they have some similarities, they also have some differences as well.

The basic premise of the game is known as the Ante-Play where you will compete against the dealer immediately, as is in a typical 3-card poker game. The next portion of the game would be known as the “Ace Up” and you will receive your winnings on a hand of a pair of aces (or some better cards) based on the pay table.

How Do You Play This Game?

In order for you to play 4-card poker, you are going to need a standard deck of 52 cards and the game will be played on a blackjack-type table. There will be three circles that are placed in front of each player: The Ante, the Aces Up, and the 1x-3x Ante.

The game begins by letting the players make their own wagers on either the Ante or the Aces Up portion of the game (or even by placing bets on both of the corresponding circles). Just take note that you have to place the same bet amounts on each game- should you decide on playing both of the games.

Contrary to its namesake, the player is actually dealt 5 cards instead of 4 and they are all placed face down on the table. The players should do their best to make the best 4-card hand possible from the cards that were given to them. One of the dealer’s cards are placed face up.

After looking at your cards, the player is able to make their decision. They could either fold and lose the Ante bet or place an additional bet to continue playing the game. The minimum bet that a player must make should be equal to the original wager, but they are also given the chance to make a higher wager (up to 3 times) if the player wants.

Bonus Payment

If the player is able to meet certain conditions, they are given an Ante Bonus that is paid in addition to the Play and Ante Bets. For example, if you have a straight flush, you are given 20-1.

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