The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Free Web Host

In an attempt to launch your website online, you are looking for a hosting provider over the internet. Your friend probably told you to stay away from free web hosts like the plague because of the horror stories that they’ve heard about people using them much to their detriment.

They might go on to say that you are better off getting the services of the best hosting companies out there. Although this is also the same advice that I would give to my friends, telling them that free web hosts are generally bad is just ill-advice.

There are certain advantages to using a free web host and in today’s article, we will explore both the pros and cons of a free web host.

Advantages of Free Web Hosting

One of the biggest advantages of free web hosting is the fact that, well, it is free. At least, in terms of paying nothing to use hosting services for your website.

This makes it ideal for people who just want to create a website and have it hosted on the internet just as a hobby and nothing else.

In fact, I used to create many websites of my own and by using free hosting services, it allowed me to explore what it’s like having your very own webpage.

A lot of people actually flock to free web hosting simply because they want to create their own personal websites for their friends and families to visit.

The most popular form of a website that is being created nowadays is a blog because it could be used as a platform where people can express their thoughts through words and some media as well.

Aside from that, you are given a relatively generous amount of bandwidth to start with and you are also given some storage space for your files as well.


Now we get to the negatives. The term ‘free’ in free web hosting is actually misleading as it is not totally free. It is most certainly free in terms of not paying anything, but free hosting providers would require some money for the service upkeep. So, where do they get this money, then?

Well, most free hosting providers would post different ads on your website. And on top of that, you do not have control over which types of ads are going to be shown on your website, thus reducing your overall credibility.

I highly recommend that if you are running a professional website, it is better that you get paid hosting solutions as opposed to their free counterparts.

Another aspect that I do not like about free hosting is that you are given little to no support. In other words, you are basically on your own when you are running your own website. If you have technical problems, you might find it hard to get a hold of a technical support team that will help you solve them.

Aside from that, the control panel is somewhat limited as well. You are not able to tweak every parameter in the panel and you will most certainly be stuck with only some barebones features.

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