7 Tips to Help You Start Your Watch Collecting Journey

Once you start getting into watch collecting, you can never go back. Back in the day, my
parents would always give me these cheap quartz watches that have digital displays.
Although they look cute, I was never into watches because of them.

My journey started when a college friend introduced me to my first automatic watch. It
was a Seiko SKX watch that not only looks robust but the smooth sweeping motion is
something marvelous to look at. Since then, I’ve been collecting plenty of watches and I
have close to 30 in my collection (and counting).

If you are going to be a watch collector, read this article to find out some helpful tips.

1. Don’t Instantly Buy the Very First Watch that You See

There is a notion of, “Love at first sight”, and although some people believe in that, I
don’t. This is especially true if you are in the act of collecting watches.

You see, you might like the watch that you see the minute you entered the store, but
you have to take into account that the lighting might have made it more appealing than it
actually is.

The same thing goes for watches that you order online. Pictures and videos could’ve
been manipulated to make it look amazing only for you to find out the shocking truth that
it isn’t once it arrives at your doorstep.

2. Find Inspiration from Social Media

Social media is a great platform to find inspiration from. Use different hashtags to let
you know some of the most amazing watch designs out there.

I usually go to Instagram and use the hashtag #everydaywatch to find out some really
good watch designs and I will search for it all over the internet.

3. Go to Different Forums

The internet is a really great place to find the information that you need. And what better
way to find information than to get it straight from the people who have experience with
certain watches.

Forums are great places for you to find different watches. I’ve recently gotten into the
Patek Philippe trend and little did I know that there is a special process involved before
you can actually purchase one.

4. Learn the Art of Watchmaking

This has really helped me a lot to find out if the watch was made out of good
craftsmanship or not.

Learn more about the art of watchmaking and horology, in general, so that you will
understand that even things as basic as the watch lugs and bezels are actually also
important as well.

5. Factor in What You Like

Collecting watches is more of a preference thing. Sure, you can buy what is hot and
what is trendy, but for the most part, you get so much satisfaction if you buy watches
that you actually love wearing.

6. Experiment with Different Sizes

It is conventional wisdom to buy a watch that perfectly fits the size of your wrist. But,
there is now an ongoing trend where watches that do not fit you perfectly (but can still fit
on your wrist somehow) are the norm. Experiment with different sizes to find out which
one you really like. You might love oversized watches and that is okay.

7. Buy One That Has the Design and Features that You Want

One of the problems that I see some watch collectors make is that they buy a watch
simply because they are told to buy that. Well, that is okay if you are really taking into
account what others say. But you are the one collecting watches, not them.

Therefore, it is imperative that you buy one with the features and the design that you
actually want. Even if you are buying watches as investments, it would still be great if
you love wearing them from time to time.

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