Things in the Gym That Could be a Germ Habitat

Many bodybuilders come and go in the gym and you absolutely don’t know if everyone of them follow proper hygiene. You probably don’t know what’s on that handlebar your are holding when working out. Here are the things you must check before using inside the gym.

Comfort Room Door Knobs

That one ought to be self-explanatory. And if not, let us break it down for you: People walk out of the bathroom so hit the door button without even washing their hands. They’re leaving bacteria. Bacteria you’re handling after the man who left the bathroom before you failed to wash his hands. But some workers at the gym says they see that every day at gym. We must be protected with these bacteria, sometimes we need the best multivitamin for men for extra protection.

Bare Pads

If you press the table, raise the arms, use a sit-up machine, or do a variety of other exercises, the head will be exposed to bare pads. So, does your gym provide you with these free towels, or the towels you carry from home? Use those.

For members to carry a towel is common courtesy and we mention that in their contract.

Attendants particularly recommends wiping down those pads with your towel or with an antibacterial wipe. They will even use a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water to kill existing bacteria and hanging germs on them — something that gym members should consider doing likewise.

Treadmill Handles

When running or walking on the treadmill, the natural inclination may be to grip the handles in front or at your hands. Okay, don’t.

“People will usually rub their nose with their hands and then put their hands on their handles,” said the attendants at the gym about something that gym patrons have experienced throughout the years unintentionally doing. “Or people are going to cough into their hands and hit the handles. With that, all sorts of bacteria come into play. I advise people to wash their hands and get antibacterial wipes.’

“And people are going to cough in their hands and rub their handles. With that, all kinds of bacteria come into play. I recommend people to wash their hands and get antibacterial wipes. “Or you can totally avoid treadmill handles by shaking your arms while using the machine (which is safer for your workout, anyway). If you need to keep your balance on the handles, first throw towels over them.

Floor of the Shower Room

Even after working in a gym for 15 years, this attendant claims he has “never” had a shower in there. Just make sure you have slippers or flip-flops, if you’re going to. There are different types of bacteria people can give you that you don’t know about — such as foot fungus.

In humid conditions, athlete’s foot is simply a kind of ringworm and ringworm thrives. You’re going to catch something if you go barefoot on those surfaces. It’s absolutely inevitable. It’s a high-traffic area. Just remember, you’re having a gym shower and not a personal bathroom. Only take the precaution.

Floor of the Swimming Pool

Indeed, in the shower, chlorine kills germs. But when you climb out of the water and step onto the floor around the pool, you’re on your own. Again, make sure you are handy with a couple of flip-flops or slides.

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