Self-Leveling in Concrete for Construction

Home construction has always been a very sensitive matter in every family but it becomes more sensitive when your home needs repairmen. When you feel that your floor needs some repairmen then to make your floor smooth and leveled then, self-leveling concrete may be a fast, cost-effective way out to the problem.

Self-leveling concrete is a cement binder that is very similar to concrete. The concrete is not as easily inflow, and not faster as self-leveling concrete is. The product is mixed with water, pumped or poured into place, and evenly distributed with a caliber rake. Once spread, it continues to flow evenly and levels out. Depending on the product, it can become smooth and flat in 1-2 hours. In about 6 hours it can be completely hardened and ready to use, depending on the flooring material that is laid on it. The self-leveling concrete is also very convenient and useful for the floors constructed with tiles, carpet, or other floor coverings.

In the calcium aluminate cement – Portland cement – self-leveling substrate based on calcium sulfate. Rheology has a great influence on raw materials. The rheology is having a great influence on raw materials that are used in construction.  The rheology has control of the flow of materials in admixtures. It has been confirmed that the calcium aluminate cement system formulation is suitable in cases where a short open time is required and the Portland cement system formulation is suitable in cases where a long open time is required with the result of fluidity or rheology.

And, to dilute the thickness of the suspension, it turned out that the application of a plasticizer and tartaric acid as retarding agents was effective. Furthermore, MF 2651F rarely delayed the hydration reaction compared to other plasticizers. The flow value and the elastic limit showed a correlation, without depending on the difference in the formulation or the proportion of powdered water. This was considered because the yield strength was related to the brittleness of the bonding structure of the mortar.

So, the Self-leveling agents are more reliable and significant than other mixture agents used in construction. Self-leveling agents have several advantages over other admixtures that are used in building construction. This mortar is not yet used in many countries; Malaysia is the country that uses this type of self-leveling mortar. Similarly, the sustainable reuse of waste in building materials is not that big, but it has grown, becoming more and more important.

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