Top Mobile App Development Trends Likely to Dominate in 2019

There is no doubt that mobile applications have changed our lives for the better. We have an application that allows us to connect easily with our loved ones. There are applications that will help improve our efficacy. And, there are also applications that provide us with some entertainment as well. According to Statista, the mobile app industry is set to generate anywhere between $180-$190 billion US Dollars in revenues in 2019. App developers who want to take advantage of the opportunity should be keen on implementing some mobile app development trends, which I will discuss more in this article. Here are the trends that are most likely going to dominate this year:

Interconnectivity Between Phones and Objects

The IoT, otherwise known as the Internet of Things, is a term used to bridge the gap between smartphones and the appliances that you put in your home or office. It basically allows users to create a network of physical objects which come with software and sensors, to allow them to better their lives by using them. Samsung, Boshch, Honeywell, and Xiaomi are already the frontrunners of creating such appliances and more are expected to come in the near future.

Some of the IoT App development trends include Google Home, Kisi Mart Lock, Nest Smart Home, among many others. The Internet of Things is set to change the way we handle technology in the foreseeable future. In fact, some industry experts believe that the niche is going to generate $1.340 Trillion US Dollars in revenue come the year 2020.

The Era of AR and VR has Begun

I am pretty sure that back in the day, you were already envisioning a future where we can live in a simulated world that looks like the real thing, right? Well, I think that the future is near. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are both technologies that are slowly being developed to a considerable degree. For instance, tech giants like Apple and Google have invested a lot of money in the aforementioned technologies and they are already slowly incorporating them in some of their applications and devices- prompting you that the AR/VR industry is just going to improve moving forward.

Machine Learning

Although the use of artificial intelligence is nothing new in mobile app development, some of its branches are still relatively new. One of these technologies under the AI umbrella is machine learning. This manifests itself in a variety of different forms- from chatbots to ‘suggestions- it is going to be a huge part of the internet in the coming years. Some companies are even looking into artificial intelligence to help with company efficiency across the board. More organizations are expected to follow suit.

Cloud Technology

The use of cloud technology is nothing new. However, we are going to see more businesses and mobile applications that will make use of this technology in the foreseeable future. That is because the ‘cloud’ simply solves a lot of problems normally associated with the use of technology, such as lack of storage space, reducing costs and overhead, improved loading capacities, etc.

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