How To Be A Great Gamer 

This time we will provide tips so that you can do effective exercises in playing the game. These tips apply to all esports games, from Dota 2, Mobile Legends, Free Fire, to Hearthstone.


Practice, Practice and Practice Because Practice Makes Perfect! 

To get better at playing the game, a player must practice and improve his skills often. This applies to all players at all levels, from casual players who just want to play better, players who want to climb the leaderboards, or those who play professionally and want to win tournaments.

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But practicing in video games doesn’t mean just playing as much, as often, and for as long as possible. Just adding hours of practice will do nothing if you don’t have a clear structure and training base. On the other hand, you will only waste time and not develop at all. You need to practice while applying other tips as well. In this list, there are more than one tips for you as you can be more great in the game. 


Understand the Game You’re Playing: Mechanically and The Idea Behind It 

Before you start thinking about what you want to practice and develop, make sure you understand what you are playing. From there you can have a clear training direction when trying to use the hero.


How much you learn depends on how deep and complex the game you are playing is. MOBAs like Dota 2 and Mobile Legends for example have high complexity and take a very long time to master. There are multiples and countless heroes so you need to have patience and perseverance to understand them. 


My advice, for complex games, is to learn all aspects one by one, character by character, from the most basic elements and mechanics to the most complex. This will make your studies and practice more progressive. This also applies to the slot game online for mobile malaysia where this game requires your understanding of the game and the mechanical aspects behind it.


Set Clear Training Targets, Then Find The Right Training Method


This is the most important and often overlooked thing when you play and want to get better. Before you start playing, first determine what you want to achieve. What would you like to be better at, or which would you like to improve on? Then, to achieve that, what should you do in the game?

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There are many parts of game support that must be considered, ranging from target priority, positioning, and also movements in the playing arena. These aspects are also very different for each character. Each hero has their own defense or attack abilities. Choose which one that suits your playing style. 


Playing In Squad


The training also applies to training in the form of teams. Decide what you want to collectively develop. Does your team want to try and perfect new strategies, learn to deal with certain strategies from opponents, or want to improve certain aspects of the team’s play? This could increase your compatibility together. 


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