How To Get Writing Inspirations

First and foremost, being a writer is not easy. It needs association of feelings and new ideas. Let’s get that creative juice to keep flowing. For new writers or those who have many years of experience, finding writing ideas is one of the problems that can’t be avoided.


I know the feeling when you are in the middle of writing an article or want to start writing a new chapter of a book, suddenly the writer’s block strikes. The words of your typing seemed to stop flowing from your head and all the ideas that came to mind just disappeared.


If so, you must be confused about whether to continue typing or what to do, right? No need to worry, because the writer here has prepared some tips for you that you can follow if you need to find writing inspiration. Yup, this can be fixed. Read this article to the end to find out all the tips!


Read, Read and Read More of Reading Materials 

The first tip when looking for writing ideas is to read more every day. Yup, any reading material could be used. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, journals, or articles on the internet, everything can help. In essence, all kinds of reading from various genres.

Say you are writing a book with the romantic comedy genre. If you only read books with similar genres, your writing will be the same as other rom com books.


So, read books from well-known authors in other genres and seek inspiration from their writings. It could be that there are some plots that turn out to be interesting if they are included in your book. If you ask any writer, they will tell you that travelling is one of the best ways to come up with new ideas for writing.


Travel around or Just Go For a Brisk Walk 

Look, travel is one of the options where you could get some ideas. However, you don’t need to fly to another city just for some inspiration. You could also just go for a brisk walk. Maybe even grab a coffee and sit somewhere. Chill and kick it here. It’s enough to walk around your city and discover fresh locations you’ve never seen before.


There’s no need to force yourself to write on the spot while walking.


Take it all in, pay attention to your surroundings, and appreciate the view, then try to jot down your thoughts when you come home. The people in your new environment’s culture and qualities will undoubtedly inspire you.


Watch Movies and TV Shows

You can also watch films when you’re looking for writing inspiration. This is highly successful, because practically every television show and film has a scriptwriter who writes the script.


Pay close attention to the film’s content, overarching themes, plotting, character development, and other details. It’s exciting to meet new individuals and learn about their lives.


Many people may not be aware, however, that when they are looking for writing ideas, they are frequently inspired by themselves.


Try to think about your own life, look for memorable events from the past, and begin writing.


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