How Internet Makes Our Lives Better

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Information provider

The internet is probably one of the vastly known information providers for all people. In the old days, information was scarce and hard to get in hand. In this digital era, everybody who has electronic gadgets such as smartphones are able to access almost all information present on the websites. Before the internet existed, we would go to our local shop to purchase newspapers but with the help of the internet we can now read news at the end of our fingertips. The internet provides us with tons of topics and materials to choose from. For example, the topics business, arts, media, books, discounts, travel, dating tips, fashion are all scattered on the internet. We could google everything that we want to learn or find from the google search box. It is undeniable that the internet supplies loads of information therefore as users we should never temper the internet to cheats and manipulate others.    


Staying Connected 

Connection is essential for all human beings. It is part of everyone. It is known that the oldest forms of human communication are making sounds, drawing or painting, making use of symbols, acting, and dancing. The latter form of connecting and communicating to other people is by using pigeons to send letters. This proves that humans have been connecting with each other since the beginning of human creation. Talking about the internet, nowadays we have a function called “video call” allowing one person to see, listen and connect with the person on the other line. In this virus and stay at home period many people across the ocean and  globe could not come home to meet their families, friends and loved ones. This is a part where the internet comes into play. We can find many applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp to connect with our dearest one. Check out this website Jom Apply Unifi to stay in touch and connect with the people that you love.

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Enjoy The Entertainment

One might say that the internet is an information sharing medium. Yes! It is certainly true that the internet is an information sharing site but do you know that the internet also shares entertainment? As much as the internet provides many things, it also has a fair share of entertainment. Apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok are among the top applications which have the largest users sharing different types of entertainment such as videos and images everyday. From these sites we can find entertainment in the forms of singing, cooking, storytelling, eating, painting, raising pets, exploring places, movies, anime, variety shows and more. Entertainment is very much needed for all people. It is important because people need to destress and relax to keep our body, mind, and heart stay in control. Sometimes by watching and experiencing entertainment we can get new perspectives, refresh our mind and boost our energy level. In conclusion, the internet gives us various different types of entertainment  in which we can enjoy, hence let us use it for the betterment of ourselves.

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